Oil rush simulator Turmoil slides out of Early Access


After a year in Early Access on Steam, Turmoil has gone from crude to refined. Today, developer Gamious announced that the title has left Early Access and is available with a 10% launch discount.

Turmoil transports players to the oil fields of the 19th century North American oil rush where they face the opportunity to build their very own oil industry from the ground up. Finding oil and effectively piping it up to the surface to make a profit serve as the core feature of Turmoil with unlockable mining upgrades and technology assisting budding oil barons in their quest for black gold.


As players build a name for themselves in the oil industry, the developing town and its cast of locals keep the gameplay flowing. Once they have dried out their own land, players will have the chance to bid against rivals for nearby plots to mine for oil. With so much influence, players will even have the chance to lead their town as mayor.

For more information on Turmoil or to buy it and begin burning the midnight oil yourself, head to the game’s page on Steam! You can check out an early preview of ours of Turmoil in Early Access here.