Elite Dangerous: Horizons drifts onto Xbox One


Elite Dangerous: Horizons, the second season of gameplay expansions for Frontier Developments‘ space-simulation title Elite Dangerous, has been released for Xbox One. With this season of expansions comes a number of new planets to explore and a selection of new customization options.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons

Elite Dangerous presents players with the entirety of the Milky Way all situated within a story that takes shape based on players’ choices. Players upgrade and outfit their ships for battles with opponents that stand in the way of exploration and the benefits thereof, including valuable resources as well as loot from raided bases and abandoned crash sites. Even on a galactic scale, players will experience the narrative action created by rising superpowers and the discovery of alien life.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons

Among the new features in Elite Dangerous: Horizons is the introduction of Engineers. These unique individuals stationed throughout the galaxy may offer players custom weapons and specialized modules with which to adapt their ships to their own exploration and combat styles. Future updates to gameplay will include Ship-Launched Fighters to be transported by larger ships, Commander creation for avatar customization, and Multicrew to allow players on multiplayer crews to take on individualized roles. These updates will be free and will debut for PC and Xbox One simultaneously.

The Elite Dangerous: Horizons season pass is available in the Xbox Store both alone and bundled with the full Elite Dangerous. Read up on the coming updates here.