Tales of Link and Brave Frontier mobile game crossover event announced


Tales of Link and Brave Frontier are free-to-play mobile RPGs by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and gumi Inc., respectively.

If you love and play both of these games, then you will be delighted to discover that from today you will be able to join a series of 10 collaborative in-game events running until June 26th!


Players of both series will be able to earn awesome in-game items, meet legendary characters and face off against familiar monsters from the other game universe. The three week crossover event will allow players to unlock sets of amazing prizes, including dozens of Hero Stones and powerful new five-star heroes.

Players should also expect to see character crossovers such as Vargas, the most iconic character in Brave Frontier, showing up in Tales of Link during one of the special challenges.


Furthermore, by fulfilling specific requirements in Tales of Link, Brave Frontier players will be able to redeem a series of prizes such as the Sphere Frog. Additionally, ToL players will be able to claim a reward pack, including UR Infernoblade Dandelga, by helping the summoners reach their collective clear-count of collaboration events in Brave Frontier.


Everyone who’s interested can participate for free by downloading Tales of Link via the App Store and Google Play and by downloading Brave Frontier at the App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore and Windows Store.