Pixowl and BANDAI NAMCO collaboration for The Sandbox Evolution

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Big news as the videogame giant BANDAI NAMCO enters into a partnership with Pixowl for the upcoming game The Sandbox Evolution. This game will serve as a sequel to the original critically-acclaimed mobile game. This new partnership means that the game maintains its ability to allow players to delve into their pixelated worlds; with a bonus of controllable heroes from classic BANDAI NAMCO games such as PAC-MAN. Pixowl will release new characters throughout the year following the game’s release.




The Sandbox Evolution enables players the freedom to create or destroy as they see fit via the game’s physics toolbox. Players can choose from a variety of things to create such as platformer games, art, music, and even simulations.You can then share your creations with anyone around the globe.




Now the game itself is still in beta; however it has already begun to generate buzz throughout the gaming community with its numerous accolades. The Sandbox Evolution has already won the “Most Promising IP Award” at Game Connection America Developer Awards 2016. The game is set to be released as early as the end of June 2016, which is great news for all of you who are eager to start creating your domain.




With the backing of a much larger company Pixowl now has access to content that will help to develop The Sandbox Evolution even further while maintaining the same mechanics that made the first game such a hit. If you are looking for something to play along the same lines until the game is released the first game in the series, The Sandbox, is available for free in both the App Store as well as the Google Play Store. Now all fans have to do is be patient for a couple of weeks before they can become a god again.