Air Conflicts: Double Pack will deliver aerial combat to PS4


Air Conflicts: Double Pack, from Kalypso Media, will be available for Playstation 4 this summer. This bundle will include both Air Conflicts: Vietnam and Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers Playstation 4 Edition and will offer features exclusive to this Playstation 4 edition.

Air Conflicts: Double Pack

In Air Conflicts: Vietnam, players will face airborne enemies in various customizable planes and helicopters high above the conflict on the jungle floor. Accompanying the aerial onslaught is a rock sountrack influenced by Vietnam-era tunes. Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers sets player into World War 2 where they will have their choice between two unique campaign options: defend Pearl Harbor as the US, or fight on the Japanese side to take down the Americans.


With the move to Playstation 4 comes a number of new features in theĀ Air Conflicts: Double Pack.

Players will be able to battle through exclusive campaigns, take off in exclusive aircraft, enjoy an all-new multiplayer mode, and utilize head tracking via the Playstation 4 Camera.

For more details on the action of Air Conflcits: Double Pack, head over to Kalypso’s website.