Persona 5 English release date, E3 plans and artwork revealed



Ahem. Atlus have revealed that Persona 5 will be showing up at E3 2016 and what’s more, they’ve given us the best news fans could ask for – an English release date!

Persona 5 will be released in North America on the 14th of February 2017! The perfect Valentine’s Day gift to yourself, because screw sharing! However, there’s no word of a release date for Europe or Oceania. It’s okay, Atlus. I’ll wait.

If you’re at E3 this year and need more Persona 5 before next year’s release, you should swing by the Atlus booth to see character designer Shigenori Soejima! The artist behind characters from Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Devil Summoner, most of the Persona games and Catherine will also be participating in fan Q&As and signings. He will also give a talk on the character designs in Persona 5, which is sure to be worth a listen. Atlus have promised that attendees can expect more guests and events to be announced, with details coming later this week.

Each year Atlus premieres new artwork to accompany every attendee’s E3 badge and this year is no exception. Morgana and the main character adorn this year’s badge insert with a snazzy red background.




Atlus will be giving away limited edition bag featuring Persona 5 artwork, plus a hat based on Persona 5‘s talking cat, Morgana. That hat will be given away to attendees at E3 with more details to come later this week. I don’t suppose anyone would like to pick up one of those for me? Anyone?