Monster Hunter Generations demo will become available this month


Fans excited for the release of Monster Hunter Generations, the latest installment in Capcom‘s popular monster-slaying franchise, will have the chance to experience the action early in a downloadable demo beginning June 30th. In this demo, players will have the chance to face three monsters, each progressively more difficult than the last. The Great Maccao and Malfestio, both new to the series, will be the first two monsters that the player hunts down before taking on the fan-favorite Nargacuga.

Monster Hunter Generations

Like the full game, the demo will feature options for local and online multiplayer for up to four players. Although the demo won’t release until the end of this month, eager fans can gain access early through Humble Bundle’s E3 2016 Digital Ticket.

With the E3 announcement of this demo came the release of a new trailer that introduces fans to Deviant monsters, a type of enemy new to the series. These monsters have survived past run-ins with hunters and gone on to evolve into even more powerful creatures. When defeated, these Deviant monsters leave behind valuable crafting parts required for some of the game’s most powerful gear.

Monster Hunter Generations will be available in North America and Europe on July 15th. For more information on the title, head over to the game’s official website.