REVIEW / Loot Crate (May 2016)


Loot Crate has been less than stellar for the past two months. Between paper wallets, bad t-shirts, pointless socks, and other such things, I’ve been contemplating ending my subscription. May was their last chance to improve. And I’m happy to say that the original geeky subscription box has pulled through, providing one of their best boxes ever as far as I’m concerned. There are only four items but all of them are pretty awesome.


Hulk Q-Figure


This is our third Q-Figure from Loot Crate, after Batman and Deadpool. Though I am a collector of Funko Pop figures, I appreciate these too. They feature dynamic poses, a bit of the character’s environment, and a different sort of super deformed style. Hulk is also one of my favorite super heroes, so even though this particular figure references the less than incredible Age of Ultron movie, I’m happy with their choice of what to include. This particular version is also a Loot Crate exclusive, so it’s also a particularly good value. I hope Quantum Mechanix makes more of these figures; they could rival Funko if they made enough.


Dragon Ball Plush


This item is a bit odd. It’s a plush version of the four star Dragon Ball, surrounded by a cute little version of the Dragon Shenron. I have no idea where the idea for this came from, but I like it. It has a solid clip to attach it to a bag or what have you, the quality is pretty good given what it is, and the little dragon is pretty cute. It’s not the best likeness, and it’s not the best Dragon Ball item they could have included, but it’s a real exclusive and not something you’re likely to find elsewhere. Sometimes thinking outside the box is good. And I have first hand evidence that I’m not the only fan of the franchise who likes this thing, as some people who saw it clipped to my bag lamented not currently subscribing.


Infinity Gauntlet Oven Mitt


This is the item that’s had the most buzz of any Loot Crate exclusive since the service started, for better or worse. On the positive side, it’s an Infinity Gauntlet oven mitt. It’s both ridiculous and awesome at the same time, it’s nerdy but functional, and everyone I’ve told about it reacted like I had told them I had the actual Infinity Gauntlet. Suffice to say, it’s popular. But there’s been negative buzz as well: It’s been recalled due to concerns that some of the mitts may not stand up to the purported 500 degree maximum temperature. As far as I can tell this is all based on very few accounts. I used mine with my oven set to 350 and it worked perfectly, but I may avoid it for higher temperatures just to be safe. Still, it is an awesome item.


Warcraft shirt


By now we all know that the Warcraft movie wasn’t very good, but that doesn’t mean this shirt isn’t cool. It’s a grey shirt with a red silhouette of the film’s main orc character, cut out to create a silhouette of the main human character in the negative space. I don’t know their names. But the character designs are cool, especially the orc, and the design of the shirt is more creative than most of Loot Crate’s shirt offerings. I’m not really a Warcraft fan, but I still happily wear this. I’m still not thrilled with getting a shirt every month, though.


Overwatch pin


Not having played Overwatch, I had no idea what this pin was supposed to be at first. Apparently it’s a robot from the game. As always, it’s a cool pin, but I think it’s a waste to have the pins be based on specific media properties. Or at least I did think that, until I saw this month’s pin…

Recalls not withstanding, I think this is the best Loot Crate since I began subscribing. Q figures are such a rare and awesome thing, so getting one of a character I love is a serious win and pretty much pays for the box itself. The Dragon Ball plush is a nice change from the expected sort of items, and makes a good decoration for a bag. The oven mitt is a great conversation starter and a very clever item to make, even if I can only be sure that it’s safe up to 350 degrees. And the pin and shirt, even though they’re from video games I don’t play, are cool enough on their own that I like them anyway. In short, while this may not be a perfect crate, it’s pretty darn close. I hope to see more unusual items and more cleverly-designed shirts in the future.

This month’s theme is Dystopia, and the early information sounds promising. The crate will feature items from Fallout 4, Bioshock Infinite, The Matrix, Robocop, and Terminator 2. It’s too late for that one, but if you want to get July’s Loot Crate, click here to subscribe. Keep an eye out for my review of May’s Smugglers Bounty as well.


I have the power!


All of the items in May’s Loot Crate are excellent. The figure and plush are great to display, the oven mitt is very popular, and the shirt is one of the coolest designs they’ve done. They’re also all exclusives, in some form or another. I really hope Loot Crate can keep this up.