The future of Unity is here, and it looks damn fine


While Unity demoed their project Adam at GDC this year, the short film designed to show off Unity 5.4 has been released in full and it takes the engine to new heights.

The short film, available below, follows the story of a humanoid robot as it breaks free from its human captors and ventures into the outside, only to be snapped up by a new cyber master. Running at 1440p on a Unity 5.4 beta engine, the piece is essentially an exercise in lighting and blurring.

Though a little too trigger happy with the blur function, both aspects of the piece shine through spectacularly. It’s not surprising either, the Unity team released a statement alongside the finalized version of their film which detailed the new features they were exposing in their project.

In order to achieve the amazing depth of field manipulation, clarity of perspective and light realism, an array of tools has been added to Unity’s catalogue. A cinematic sequencer tool, volumetric fog, a transparency shader and motion blur to cover specific production needs were all on show. An intriguing use of experimental real-time area lights was also shown.

This new technology is heavily promoted by Unity as their latest foray into the rendering of physically based materials with polygonal lights in real-time. All of these features will be available soon for users of the engine either as free assets or as options up for grabs in the Unity Store.

Though Unity’s seen its fair share of the more ambitious graphical projects, it’s common base has been found in the unique and quirky clutches of the indie developers. However with their most recent ventures into Unity 2016, it looks very possible that they will begin to edge towards that not-so-distant uncanny valley.