Fallout 4: Update 1.5.4 (and other news)


It says a lot about a game like Fallout that I’ve actually been unable to keep track of what’s been going on in the world of Bethesda over the past week or two. There was a brief pause after the last DLC – that’s Far Harbor to you – hit the scene, caused largely by that looming monstrosity of a calendar event, E3; when the dust had settled on the madness and mayhem, however, the immediate product for Fallout 4 was the speedy release of yet another content pack, marking the beginning of another triad of add-ons for the title.

That was last week. This week saw something even more miraculous, in the form of an update to the console version that included all sorts of interesting things. I’ll delve into both, chronologically, so as to remain thoroughly on top of the game that has eaten away at my time worse than watching endless videos of cats, dogs, and idiots.

Everybody needs a teddy bear making machine. Everybody.

Everybody needs a teddy bear making machine. Everybody.

The fourth in a series of seemingly never ending content packs, Contraptions Workshop returns to the idea previously outed in the workshop of a Wasteland variety that preceded it, essentially offering the player a truckload of new toys to play with when constructing their settlements. This time, however, its a whole lot more complex. the DLC allows the player to construct machinery of extraordinary variety, from assembly line components to ball tracks to firework launchers, and never once stops to ask “why?”

The manufacturing machinery can be used to build everything from food to armour, whilst there are certain fireworks that have an effect on the weather; and although we are as of yet unsure as to why a Rube Goldberg machine would be required in post-apocalyptia, we have been provided one on an enormous scale.

Also in this pack are included certain utilities that should really have been released with the main game: conduits, for example, that are used to supply power through walls, or stands to display power armour and weaponry. There is an awful lot more, but I will leave that for you to discover, and say that this DLC seems to be designed to make sure that every last resource you own is sucked into the construction of the mother of all factory buildings. Still. You could find that the end product is this…

And you thought Fallout was about conserving resources.

And you thought Fallout was about conserving resources.

Next up is this business with the update. Version 1.5.4, they’re calling it, because that’s what number it is, and it’s out now on Xbox One (and very, very soon on PS4). Aside from providing the usual remedy to whatever illnesses the latest DLC has given the game, 1.5.4 also includes some intriguing bullet points on a feature that is slowly working its way onto console: the ability to create and run mods.

This has been in the pipeline for some time now, and it was relieving to hear that Bethesda had successfully managed to get their system working on the Xbox, even if Sony have apparently been having some unexpected issues with sound files and file sizes. It was recently announced that mod support on the PS4 would be delayed indefinitely, but we all know how Todd Howard loves toying with our emotions, and the words “close to release” were certainly uttered, so who knows. Maybe us Sony fans will be able to give our Deathclaws luchador skins sooner than we were anticipating.

Contraptions Workshop is out now for Fallout 4 on all platforms, priced at USD $4.99 (or free, if you’re a season pass kind of person).