PlayStation Plus free games for July


I love these moments. Mostly because I own a whole lot of Sony kit, which means that my PS Plus membership counts for a whole lot, and so to have a few free games come floating my way each month is an absolute blessing. And let’s be honest, sometimes we get left with duds, but sometimes, very occasionally, we are given gems; I hold Rocket League as an example of the latter, even if it has since gone on to rake in a fortune. But I digress. Sony have announced this month’s free games for PlayStation Plus, and personally, I am dead chuffed with July’s offerings. Let’s take a closer look at the stars of the show.

I'm sofa-king excited...

I’m sofa-king excited…

First up is a standalone expansion that came as an epilogue to 2013’s slightly twisted open-world action game, Saint’s Row IV. Gat Out of Hell was originally released last year for all platforms, last and current gen, and whilst it received a somewhat mixed response it still stands as its own game, complete with 5 islands for you to explore, a ton of entirely ridiculous vehicles, characters, and weapons, and an admittedly short but nonetheless entertaining campaign. To be honest, I love a good open world, and so to have one delivered to me free of charge is damn awesome, particularly considering that this is one of the most substantial games to have been offered on PS Plus thus far.

I'm just Furi-ous that I was not made aware of this sooner.

I’m just Furi-ous that I was not made aware of this sooner. These puns are just lining up…

Following this member of a long standing series is a completely new title, lovingly crafted by The Game Bakery (that sounded like an advert for Mr Kipling). Furi, it’s called, and it offers what the PlayStation Blog calls ‘both simple and deep’ gameplay based on a cross between top-down style RPGs and static perspective combat games. The player is pit against a variety of “Guardians,” each of whom are unique and all of whom require a combination of your skills to defeat. As well as being touted as ‘fast-paced, tense, and ultimately rewarding,’ Furi looks to be kind on the eyes, but I’ll let you make that decision for yourself. Check out the trailer below:

Thus concludes my brief round-up of the free games on offer for PlayStation Plus on PS4 this month. And I’ll admit, I’m pleased. But before you get too giddy with excitement, fasten your seatbelts and hold your breath in anticipation, because I’m not done yet. Take a look at the games on offer on the other platforms to which this lovely exclusive bonus applies:

PS3: Fat Princess, a fast-paced quest-based top-downer with larger-than-life characters and graphics, is on offer on the PS3 alongside Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, paving the way for a cake (and hyphen) filled July.

PS VITA: The handheld finally gets a little action again, in the form of Prince of Persia: Revelations, no less, alongside JRPG Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines.

Members will also receive early beta access to Paragon, a MOBA from the Epic Games studio that is actually slated for beta testing later this summer. I’d explain, but I think it’s better that you take a look at the trailer, because super exciting reasons:

Each of these games will be available for all PS Plus subscribers on their respective platforms from July 5th, for the whopping price of USD/GBP/EUR 0.00.