What’s that? You’ve always wanted to play a game that was fun and lighthearted while making you so frustrated you want to pull your hair out; well I got you covered. I was able to preview a Steam Early Access game called RUMP! – It’s A Jump and Rump! and it was quite an exciting ride. The aim of RUMP! is to go through the course, collect coins, and make it to the finish in as little time as possible. Okay, let’s get into the game.




Sadly, there is not much plot to this game. You go out, run through the course, then do it again. There are some elements of customization for your characters which make things a lot more attractive to the player but does not add any depth to the plot. While typically a lack of plot is something that does destroy the enjoyment of the game, RUMP! is more of a party/ race game which means that there is no need for a plot.


One of many customizations

One of many customizations


I have taken into account that this is an early access to a game when examining the design of the game. Obviously,  there is still some polishing left to do. RUMP! features a silly and lighthearted design. Characters don’t have fully formed legs and arms; instead, they have sweet little nubs. The characters all wear capes and seem to be quite overweight. As you progress throughout the game you can also unlock additional clothing items (I chose a simple visor that has been with me since the beginning).

The level environments are quite detailed considering this is not the final version of RUMP! All the textures for the different buildings, materials, and natural life all display a significant amount of detail. I was pleasantly surprised with how far along the game was when I started playing as it helps to liven and set up the goofy atmosphere that pervades over the game as a whole.


So majestic

So majestic


As I briefly stated at the beginning of this review the aim of RUMP! is simple; go through the level, collect all the coins, make it to the exit, profit. Now if the game remained that simple, I would lump RUMP! (I know, such smart use of rhymes) in the category of casual games. However; RUMP! invokes a time-based scoring system wherein the faster you complete the level, the better your score. There are four tiers of awards you can have at the end of a level; gold, silver, bronze, and nothing. Gold earns you three coins, silver gets you two coins, bronze only gets one, and of course nothing begets nothing. These coins are used to progress further through the campaign and unlock new levels.




Now some players will unlock the necessary coins to move on so that they can get to the next world and that is fine. But, the beauty of RUMP! is that you don’t (at least I sure didn’t) just want to settle for a bronze, you want to push and find every shortcut you can to beat the level in the fastest possible time. I found myself playing the same level for twenty minutes desperately trying to move up from bronze to silver. And if your crushing sense of perfectionism isn’t enough to goat you into trying for a better time, at the end of every level you see the global leaderboards for the level where you stare and impossible to beat records from all around the globe.


Axe level


In the end the actual mechanics for RUMP! are quite simple, use WASD to move, double tap to dash, space to jump, and you the mouse to look around. Navigate throughout the levels to collect coins but watch out because falling off a ledge or dying resets your current run and as I’m sure you guessed, I found this out the hard way.



Overall Impression

The time I spent with RUMP! was equally frustrating and enjoyable. I like games that force me to keep going until I reach near perfection. So based solely on the campaign I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a challenge. What I did not talk about is the fact that RUMP! also has a multiplayer aspect as well. There are two modes, both Team Deathmatch, and race in ranked and unranked mode. However because the game has not been officially released yet, there are not a lot of players playing the game. So with the addition of multiplayer modes, allowing you the chance to play against friends I would say that RUMP! has the potential to become an excellent party game for both you and your friends.


The perfect summation of the game and its humor

The perfect summation of the game and its humor




This preview is based on an Early Access copy of the game provided by the publisher.