Monster Hunter Generations available today for 3DS


Today marks the introduction of another title into an already expansive franchise; Monster Hunter Generations is available for the 3DS at retailers and in the Nintendo eShop for $39.99.

The latest title in the Monster Hunter series introduces the Fated Four, a group of monsters that players must stop from destroying the game’s four main villages.

Capcom also announced that players can expect a number of free downloadable features coming their way with purchase of the game, including a starter pack with potions, traps and more plus monthly content available through the rest of the year. Aside from offering players new quests, these monthly downloads will include special themed costumes based on popular titles such as Fire Emblem, The Legend of Zelda, Okami and more!

Devoted fans of the series are welcome to round out their monster hunting experience by taking on Monster Hunter Generations on the 3DS XL Monster Hunter Generations Edition available at retailers.

For more information on Monster Hunter Generations, read up at the game’s official website.