Mystery game “The Hex” coming from Pony Island developer


Daniel Mullins, creator and developer of Pony Island, has announced his next game. The Hex, set to release on Windows, Mac, and Linux in early 2017, is a “mystery game” that has players controlling and investigating six individuals fitting six different gaming archetypes: The Platformer (a Sonic-esque animal mascot with a touch of Mario), The Apocalypse Survivor (a Fallout style character), the Sorceress (whose style is reminiscent of Warcraft), the Fighter, The Space Marine (whose style is reminiscent of Warhammer 40k), and the ever popular First Person Perspective. Each of their memories play out like the games they come from, and you have to figure out which one of them is planning a murder.

The Hex will be available next year for $4.99. For now, check out the developer’s previous game, Pony Island. Suffice to say that I got a lot out of that game (see my review here) and if it’s any indication, The Hex is one to look out for.