Telltale Batman unveils release date


Telltale Batman Bruce Wayne in BatCave

Bruce Wayne in the Batcave

It’s going to be an exciting year for Telltale as they announced that their mysterious Batman series will drop digitally sometime in August. The exact release date will be revealed next week during the premiere of the official Telltale Batman trailer, most likely at San Diego’s Comic Con. Those players who desire the physical copy can purchase it on September 13th for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, and PS4. Physical copies will be available starting September 16th for Europe.

Very little information has been released about the highly anticipated game series except for the few in-game screenshots Telltale has shown to the public. Speculations are that there may be more than one villain in the episodic game. Personally, I’m hoping that an old-school Jack Nicholson inspired Joker becomes Batman’s main foe along with a bubbly, maniacal Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy too. The only thing we know for sure is that Catwoman makes an appearance in the title and that voice-acting legend Troy Baker is the voice of Batman. Speaking of which, Troy Baker is set to appear on July 23rd at Comic Con in an event where the Telltale Batman series will be played on the big screen. Fans sitting in the audience can shout out choices to alter the gameplay.

Telltale Batman and Catwoman

Telltale Batman and Catwoman meeting

In other related news, Telltale has announced that The Walking Dead Season 3¬†will be sold both physically and digitally on all platforms beginning this fall. No official date has been confirmed, but based on previous The Walking Dead¬†installments I’d expect a late October or early November drop to coincide with the holiday season. I’ll be hoping for it to be unleashed sometime around the premiere of season 7 of The Walking Dead TV series on October 9th, but one can only dream. The heart-wrenching Walking Dead game sees the return of an older Clementine in the teaser trailer, but also an unknown new playable character as well. That’s right, you can now play as two characters instead of just one which should make for interesting interactions among the environments and others.

Telltale Walking Dead

Telltale Walking Dead S3 Clem with unknown man

Telltale has yet to give more information on its unnamed Marvel project (my money’s on the Avengers) and on season 2 of their unique Game of Thrones series. What Telltale game are you most excited for?

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