Dear Charlotte – promising new horror game from Method to Madness


It begins with the grainy voice of someone calling themselves Dr. Kremlin. He calls you John and he wants to know how you escaped “the facility”. At first, the visuals are vaguely familiar, the scenes of so many abandoned hospital haunted houses with flickering lights and bloody human remains. Then we see the desiccated, glowing-eyed survivors of whatever cataclysmic event John must have escaped- they are feeding on the uninfected bodies.

Dear Charlotte is an episodic survival horror game for PC, inspired by classics like Silent Hill and Outlast. It will be the first release from self-funded, South-India based studio Method to Madness, co-founded by brothers Jeffy and Joel Zachariah. Joel is listed as the game’s writer, while Jeffy’s personal website designates him as a level developer.

Watching the trailer and reading other promotional materials released by the studio only brings more questions, especially about the reliability of the game’s erstwhile allies and perhaps the player character himself. Although the audio of Inside the abandoned Quantic Medical Research Facility from Dear Charlotte Ep 1the trailer seems to be taking place after an escape, Episode 1 of Dear Charlotte supposedly starts shortly after the outbreak at ‘Quantic Medical Research Facility’, where John has only survived because of the hazmat suit he is wearing. While Dr. Kremlin demands answers of John in the trailer, in gameplay he will guide John (and the player) to discover clues and escape the facility.

The company website invites players to “cross the terrifying line between sanity and reality” while solving the mystery of the facility, John’s past, and Kremlin, the mad scientist who claims to be your creator.

You can watch the intriguing trailer for Dear Charlotte below:

The release date for Episode 1 has yet to be announced, but you can find out more on the Method to Madness website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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