KOEI TECMO America announces Western release of Berserk (Working Title)


KOEI TECMO America confirmed last Friday the upcoming North American release of a new Warriors title based on the manga and anime series Berserk. Berserk is considered to be one of the most iconic anime series, and the game will combine the ‘one-versus-thousands’ action style of the Warriors franchise with the “grim and gruesome atmosphere” of Berserk’s world.

Berserk follows a mercenary, Guts, as he joins up with the ‘Band of the Hawk’, a mercenary group led by a man named Griffith. Their medieval world includes witches, wizards, and a race of elves that can perform magic, but the plot focuses more heavily on the world’s dark magic, used for creating monsters and soul possession, amongst other things. The series is noted for using these fantastical elements in the plot to explore human nature, friendship, and sacrifice. While an ESRB rating has not yet been established, it is expected that the game will be “M for Mature” because of the graphic violence and sexual content of Berserk’s main storyline.

Game producer and KOEI TECMO GAMES President Hisashi Koinuma released a statement saying, “The game content will be enjoyable even to those who don’t normally play games, so we hope all fans of Berserk will give this game a go.” Many fans have expressed curiosity about what points in the Berserk storyline the game will cover, as the manga series is still ongoing and a new anime series is also expected later this year. With the first few promotional materials however, fans of the series have at least a partial answer, and some additional concerns.

A pivotal event in the series also involves the sexual assault of one of the female characters, and this assault has been heavily featured in the promotional materials thus far. One reddit user had this to say: “[The way they depicted the scene is] not the right way to do it. That scene isn’t fap material in the manga. It’s awful and horrifying. This trailer though, emphasis[sic] the naked hot chick and the tentacles coiling around her. It looked more like tentacle hentai than Berserk. That’s not dark, that’s pandering.” (Link here) Others have simply seen the inclusion of the scene in the trailer and in promotional artwork as reassurance that the game will include that part of the storyline and that nothing will be toned down or held back in terms of maturity level. Either way, this may have an effect on who the game will attract.

Currently in development by Omega Force, Berserk (working title) is slated to release this fall for PS4, PS Vita, and Windows PC via Steam. You can find out more and see the latest news for Berserk (working title) at the official website, www.koeitecmoamerica.com/berserk, follow KOEI TECMO America on facebook here, www.facebook.com/koeitecmous, or on Twitter @KoeiTecmoUS.