Walking Dead S3 details from SDCC


Javier, Walking Dead,

Survivors including newcomer Javier at junkyard

San Diego Comic Con has blessed us with even more information regarding the upcoming third season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead. Please note that there are a few spoilers from Season 2 here. Now, on to the walker-infested fun!

Telltale royalty Melissa Hutchison, the voice of Clementine, (she also appears in The Wolf Among Us, Back to the Future: The Game, and Minecraft: Story Mode) joined Dennis Lenart to discuss game details with fans during Comic Con. Dennis Lenart is the creative director behind The Walking Dead , leading his team of talented artists and writers to develop such a beautiful and emotional game. Sadly, they couldn’t reveal too many insider secrets but did show some new screenshots from the game. The images include Clementine, Javier, and even an appearance by AJ as a young child which clues us in that we are at least a couple of years into the future since the last installment. Clem herself also looks like a young teenager being between fourteen or sixteen years old. There are no confirmations on this per se, just speculation from myself so don’t take this as fact.

Walking Dead, AJ, Clem

Clem and young AJ on the run

Previously on The Walking Dead, AJ was a newborn after Rebecca gave birth to him in season 2. AJ was then entrusted to Clementine and regardless of your choices and ending in season 2, he sticks with you, his new caregiver. Can you imagine being about 12 years old, handed a baby and told “here take care of him for the rest of your life in a dangerous walker-filled world?” I gotta hand it to Clem, she’s responsible and bold for keeping up with that promise.

What’s cool about season 3 is that whether or not you’ve played the previous seasons and dlc doesn’t matter as much. Before you angrily grumble about Telltale doing this to your friends in the darkest corners of the internet, any choices that players have made will carry over and affect your story. However, season 3 will be very accessible for new players as well with the story giving a good jumping off point. It will mix Clem’s history along with the current storyline to provide fresh-faced walker warriors the chance to not get overwhelmed and confused.

Additionally, this season will take a hint from Telltale’s Game of Throne series by allowing players to play as both Javier and Clementine. Despite this information, there’s no tips as to whether or not you’ll be playing each character in the same time or different times. Regardless, it should be a memorable and interesting experience that will leave new and seasoned fans captivated.

Questions I need answered

  • Where is Christa and will she be making an appearance in season 3?
  • Will Kenny still be with you if you chose to stay with him in season 2?
  • Will Jane still be with you if you chose to stay with her in season 2?
  • How many years have passed since season 2?
  • How do Clem and Javier meet up?
  • Did Wellington fall (it looks like they’re mostly on the road from the screenshots)?
  • Who is the girl with Javier in junkyard, his daughter, sister, etc?
  • Why is there a slaughterhouse full of walkers locked up?
  • Will there be a villain like Carver or the Governor?
  • Do the decisions from the Michonne mini series impact anything in season 3?
  • Does Michonne make an appearance in season 3?
  • Do we have any crossover with The Walking Dead TV series and Rick’s group?
Walking Dead, SDCC, S3

Walking Dead SDCC Poster

I’m hoping that season 3 will answer all my questions so far and I know that somehow it’ll leave me with more like many others. Also, yes I’m a huge Walking Dead nerd. Moving forward, San Diego Comic Con has released a poster for the new chapter in the game series. It pays homage to a previous poster from SDCC 2011 when the Walking Dead concept was first displayed. You may be able to swipe a badass poster yourself, more details coming later in the summer. So who’s excited for season 3 and wants it here already?

Telltale Walking Dead S3