Xbox One S releases next month


Xbox One SI present to you the next generation of Xbox One: here we have the Xbox One S. The newest member of the Xbox and Microsoft lineup will make its debut starting August 2nd with the 2TB version being released that day. The 1TB and 500GB options will be available shortly after on August 23rd to the US, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada only so far. No word has been announced for official release dates for the other markets. Now, the question of the hour, what’s special about the Xbox One S? 

For starters, let’s go over all the storage options and prices. The 2TB variant is the largest of the three and comes in at $400. 1TB has slightly less storage but should be more than enough for most gamers and streamers alike with a price tag of $350. The 1TB is a bundle that includes a copy of EA Sports Madden NFL 17 along with all the necessary cables, pieces, and whatnot. Lastly, 500GB bundle is $300 with copies of Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo 5: Guardians which is only about $50 more than a current Xbox One.


The Xbox One S has made a couple upgrades in terms of design and power. It features an internal power supply meaning no more bulky brick taking up more space. Additionally, the console is 40% smaller than its predecessor and slimmer than the Xbox One. Microsoft has decided to remove the Kinect port and you will now have to use a usb adapter if you wish to use your Kinect with the Xbox One S. There are two usb ports on the back, one on the front, and an IR blaster for good measure. This console has decided to take an entirely different direction in terms of color scheme as well with a modern all-white appearance replacing the original black color.

Xbox One S 40%

Xbox One S is 40% smaller than Xbox One

New Wireless Controller

The Xbox One S consoles have a newly designed controller (but only one) that offers Bluetooth along with a better range while playing. What this means is that you can be farther away from your console without easily being disconnected. The controller has been created specifically to be more comfortable for players as well as thumb controllers which supposedly should last longer.

4K Video Capabilities

Microsoft is becoming a game changer with 4K video streaming from Netflix along with a 4K blu-ray player built in to the system. This is important not only for movies and tv shows but for games too such as Gears of War 4 being HDR (High Dynamic Range) compatible. Gears of War 4 HDR provides more intense colors and better lighting with more games to follow. Please note though, you’re going to need a 4K TV to take advantage of these features.

So at the end of the day, is it worth it to upgrade to or buy a Xbox One S? I’d say yes if you need more space ( in terms of real life counter space or GB/TB) or have a 4K TV wanting awesome crystal-clear quality for videos and gaming. If you’re just in it for the updated controller though, then I’d say pass until maybe 2017 when the Xbox Project: Scorpio releases. Which Xbox system are you going to buy?
Xbox One S 1TB and 500GB