Doom’s first DLC: Early release and preview trailer


Sometimes, all you really need is a few hours of mindless virtual violence against swathes of diabolical demons to clear away the stresses of the daily grind. For times like this, we must give thanks for Doom, whose brutal simplicity has brought this absolute necessity into the 21st century with the resounding crunch of a chainsaw cleaving a creature from the underworld in two. And now, just when you thought you’d had your fill of Mephistophelian madness, id Software have announced the release of the first of Doom‘s downloadable content.

Offering - something of a Satanic slaughterhouse.

Offering – something of a Satanic slaughterhouse.

To mark the beginning of this year’s QuakeCon, the team behind Doom pulled a fast one on their loving fans and released the first content pack, entitled Unto the Evil, a day early, whilst simultaneously releasing a trailer to show off the additions to their fiendishly frenetic first person shooter. Check it out below:

The pack includes 2 new weapons, the UAC EMG Pistol and Kinetic Mine, as well as 3 new maps (that’s Cataclysm, Offering, and Ritual to you), a new demon named the Harvester, and the ability to practice your swing mid-game. Sorry. I mean, there are also brand new armour sets and player taunts to really milk those hellishly hilarious kills, just like I’m milking these alliterative synonymic demonic adjectives.

Ritual - I think I've run out of synonyms.

Ritual – I think I’ve run out of synonyms.

Unto the Evil is out now on console and PC for $15, but if you’ve grabbed yourself a season pass, you’ll get this and 2 more content packs for the bundle price of $40. Oh, and check this out: this DLC allows users who do not own it to play, provided they are in an online party with someone who does. That’s actually a great idea, and I wish other FPS games would cotton on, without pointing any fingers at Call of Duty.

Doom is available on console and PC, and is currently going cheap in QuakeCon-inspired sales.