Happy Dungeons available through Game Preview


Prepare yourself for even more ludicrous action, comedy, and some weird items with Happy Dungeons , the sequel to the hit game Happy Wars. Toylogic Inc.’s newest addition to the “Happy” series is a multiplayer dungeon crawler available exclusively for Xbox One. For those who are already tickled pink with excitement, enjoy the launch trailer below!

Since the game is available on the Xbox One Game Preview program, players can test and provide feedback on Happy Dungeons before its official release. This feedback will play a direct role in the formulation of the final version of the game; a unique opportunity to say the least. Now Toylogic is not merely collecting all this information without rewarding the players. Those who take part in the Game Preview receive exclusive items such as unique weapons, a pack of Happy Cards (guaranteed to have an epic item within it), and much more. Furthermore, all the items you get will be carried over to the final version of the game, meaning all your hard work won’t be wasted. As if that was not enough, there is a bonus discount through a Founder’s Pack and other download options.

Come to me bombs!

Come to me bombs!

So what are you getting with this early access? Well, to be brief: 6 chapters, 30 dungeons, 3 classes (Warrior, Cleric, and Mage), a buttload of enemies, 45 different skills, 600 unique items. For a game that is not in its final stage, this seems pretty generous. And while you are crawling through these dungeons, do it with friends! Happy Dungeons features four-player online or couch co-op (split screen) because dying sucks a little less when with friends. The title is slated to release in late 2016!

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