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Just like athletes, gamers need the right gear to excel at what they do. But instead of a good pair of running shoes, glass water bottle and energy bars, we need a gaming headset, mechanical keyboard and energy drinks. I recently got to review another piece of gaming gear that I had always heard of but never had the pleasure of using before now. I am talking about gaming glasses.


Spectra Feat


You might have of heard of them yourself or seen pro gamers use them. They just look like ordinary glasses with tinted lenses. To be honest, that is pretty much what they are, but the benefits of wearing them are anything but ordinary.


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Razor – Anti-blue Gaming Glasses – Gun Metal Grey


I reviewed Spectra FPS’s gun metal grey Razor Anti-Blue Gaming Glasses. But before talking about how great the glasses are, I want to first mention how amazing the company and the man behind it is. Spectra FPS was founded only six months ago and by one man, Jonathan Fortier. It’s Jonathan’s mission through Spectra FPS to bring high quality gaming glasses and accessories to the market, but make them affordable for the every day gamer. Not only has Jonathan created both a cool and helpful product for gamers, but he made it accessible for everyone. For that, I’d like to give my thanks to him and his company, Spectra FPS.

Now let’s get on with the review.


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The glasses came in a stylish, protective case with a bright orange, hard to misplace cleaning cloth. They are lightweight, have yellow tinted lenses and as stated before, are designed to block harmful blue light emitted from computer monitors, televisions, cell phones and other mobile devices. And I gotta say, they work great.

I could tell the difference right away after only one night of intense gaming. I did feel like my games looked sharper and my eyes never got that tired feeling I sometimes get after long hours of gaming. They were also so comfortable that I forgot I was wearing them at one point until I took my headset off. I’m actually wearing them right now as I write this review.




The science behind WHY they work so well is two-fold. There are health benefits and gaming benefits. Both of which are equally impressive in my opinion.

As far as health benefits go, the Spectra FPS gaming glasses can block 45% or so of harmful blue light which can damage your vision over time. They also block virtually 100% of UV light so they can be used outdoors as well. How awesome is that?


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On the gaming side of things, you’ll likely see the difference immediately as you take them on and off. Colors pop more, contrast improves and the shadowing from said contrast gives you a better depth of field. You can also concentrate for longer periods of time with them on as your eyes don’t get as strained or fatigued as easily. This allows you to focus more effectively while gaming, which is ideal for anyone looking to win.

As you may have noticed, I had zero complaints about Spectra FPS’s gaming glasses. The product is solid. The benefits are many. And the price – at only $39.95 – is about the cost of a used game. There’s really no downside to the Spectra FPS. Pick one up for yourself or any serious gamer looking for an edge. They would also make a great gift for anyone that works on a computer multiple hours a day. I love my Spectra FPS Razor and I’m sure you will too.




This review is based on product provided by Spectra.

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Both a affordable and effective, the Spectra FPS brand gaming glasses are a great investment for any gamer. I didn’t know what I was missing until I got my own pair. Now I don’t game without them.