An icon returns this September in PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2


PAC-MAN is a staple of the gaming industry. Back when the hobby was still in its infancy, PAC-MAN bust onto the scene and quickly became a household name. In a bid to re-introduce the iconic yellow ball to a new generation of gamers, BANDAI NAMCO gets back to what made the classic 2D formula so great with a sequel to the critically acclaimed PAC-MAN Championship Edition.

PAC-MAN chows down on a train of ghosts

The first Championship Edition and its update, Championship Edition DX, were praised as near perfect titles by many fans and critics alike. Those games were able to mix the nostalgia of the original PAC-MAN boards with refreshing twists and modes to cater to a new market.

The new Adventure Mode

From what BANDAI NAMCO has revealed so far, it seems they have big plans to expand on this proven formula with Championship Edition 2. In this upcoming title, gamers will be treated to new modes such as a score attack, an adventure mode, and big boss battles. Of course, all of this comes on top of what was already a smash hit in the previous Championship Edition.

Taking on a Big Boss

PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 is being touted as the fastest action in any PAC-MAN title to date and I would have to agree that this game has a hectic feel to it. In this era of flash and glamour, it’s inspiring to see that an old dog like PAC-MAN can pick up a few new tricks and deliver more of what made PAC-MAN fever spread so rampantly in the franchise’s heyday.

BANDAI NAMCO has officially announced that PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 is releasing digitally on September 13th in the Americas. You can grab your copy on the PS4, the Xbox One, or on PC via Steam for the price of $12.99.