Diluvion diving onto PC and Mac this fall


While the wonders of space and an infinite universe often prove a point of fascination, a much smaller population busies themselves with ideas from the bottom of the deepest ocean. Diluvion, with its emphasis on deep sea action and exploration,seeks to spark curiosity about the possibilities not outside of our atmosphere, but rather the possibilities that rest beneath what we see from land. Gambitious Digital Entertainment with developer Arachnid Games has announced that Diluvion will be available for PC and Mac beginning this fall.

In this aquatic adventure, mankind has been trapped under the ocean by an impenetrable sheet of ice. Players take command of their own submarine, in which they set out to explore the far reaches of the ocean in an effort to beat competing factions in a competition for resources. Beneath the ice, players will also spend their time salvaging goods to trade, collecting bounties, and pushing their vessels to their limits in battles with enemy groups.


As players climb the social ranks of Diluvion‘s underwater world by bringing in money, resources, and notoriety, they will be able to customize their ship to suit their needs. Officers stand ready at various ports to man vacant battle stations. Ship components can always benefit from some TLC. At the same time that all of these factors come into consideration, players also have a home base of operations to grow into a fitting headquarters. Players will use the resources they discover to customize their own experience throughout Diluvion.

Learn more about Diluvion at the game’s official website or Steam page before its release later this year.