Exploit in No Man’s Sky is gamebreaking



Gaming site Eurogamer broke the story this morning reporting that they had discovered an exploit in the new hotness on the videogame landscape that has hit the PS4, No Man’s Sky, that allows for easy farming of the game’s rarest items.

So, how I understand it is that the exploit will let you acquire the most valuable resources over and over again over a short period of time.  This should go without saying but these particular resources are meant to be acquired only after many hours of playing.  If you are able to gain these items early, it in effect allows you to finish the game in a much shorter time than the developers originally intended.

Eurogamer put their expertise to work and tapped their reviewer extraordinaire Ian Higton to chronicle on video how this exploit works.  Per the video, he was able to farm five Atlas Stones in about 30 minutes when in actuality, it should take you more like 50 hours to accomplish.

SPOILER WARNING:  What comes next is a description of how this exploit works.  If you don’t want to know, stop now and by Master Chief’s armor, do not watch the video.

This technique is actually pretty simple to pull off.  It just involves you, upon being killed in your ship, instead of returning to your grave marker and claiming its inventory, just reload a previous save and you get the inventory you had when you died as well as the inventory you had at that particular save point.

The only caveat to this exploit is that if you want to duplicate a particular item, it needs to already be in your ship’s inventory.  Oh, this goes without saying, but you need to have open slots in order to pick them up.

I’m pretty sure that Hello Games is working on a patch to this exploit as we speak so if you want to try it out, you better get cracking.  There is no telling when the patch will be rolling out.  Let us know in the comments if you have tried this technique for farming rare items and if you think this is game-breaking or not.