The Crew to receive new expansion


Ubisoft have announced a new expansion for racing MMO The Crew. The expansion Calling All Units will be available from 29th November, bringing some sizeable new features to the already huge online racer. The main focus of the content is a racing twist on cops vs robbers, or more appropriately cops vs street racers. Now you may be telling yourself that game already has this focus, that is true, but Calling All Units now lets you take the role of the cop!

Players will be introduced to the new cops vs street racer gameplay through 12 story-based missions. The missions will allow you to build up your own style of law enforcement, collecting different exclusive police vehicles to suit your style; whether that be a high horsepower exotic supercar or a juggernaut of an SUV, the choice is yours.


If there really is no way you can see yourself behind the wheel of a police car then don’t panic, Calling All Units also comes with some street racer goodies. Frantic face-offs will allow street racers to take part in races with special abilities including blinding flash bangs and unlimited nitro. For those of you who have capped out at level 50 then your be please to hear the level cap will be increase to 60. Both street racing and policing activities will reward you with XP.

With players undoubtably taking up policing roles and The Crew being an MMO, Calling All Units has all the ingredients to create so terrific heart-pounding PvP Italian Job rivalling car chases, who doesn’t want to be involved with that.


If you haven’t played The Crew yet but the announcement of Calling All Units has got you wishing you had then there’s never been a better time to get involved. Along with Calling All Units Ubisoft also announced The Crew Complete Edition. The complete edition will come with the original game, Wild run which was the second expansion and included a massive graphical upgrade, and the Calling All Units expansion.

Calling All Units will be available for download on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC from 29th November, The Crew Complete Collection will coincided with the release of the new expansion.

Check out the reveal trailer below.