Titanfall server tests go live this month


The last two weekends of August will no doubt be spent by many stress testing Titanfall 2‘s multiplayer server systems on PS4 and Xbox One. The open tests will go live August 19 – 21 and again 26-28 for two full weekends of Titan bashing. The test will see three new modes and maps for players to wreak havoc, as well as new Titans, weapons, and tactical abilities to try out.

The first weekend will see 5v5 Bounty Hunt and 8v8 Pilots vs Pilots modes set across maps Boomtown and Homestead. Bounty Hunt sees players against another team as well as fighting off formidable forces from the Remnant Fleet and Pilots vs Pilots brings a classic team match to the fold. The Boomtown map boasts a secret underground IMC facility perfect for ambushing Titans, whereas things are more open on the Homestead map set on a small plot of land with plenty of natural cover from trees and rock formations but vast rolling fields to be wary of.


Weekend number two will retain all maps and modes featured in the initial weekend however will introduce one more brand new map and mode. The 6v6 Amped Hardpoint mode sees the original Hardpoint Domination’s return but with the ability to amp your base, doubling your team’s score. Meanwhile militia forces have taken an IMC substation, leaving pilots to roam the corridors inside and Titans to lay in wait on the roof in the Forward Base Kodai map.


Players will also have access to new Ion and Scorch Titans throughout the stress test while being encouraged to try out the new Networks feature that seeks to make finding friends to play easier. We’ll also be trying out the new grappling hook and giant battery features.

Titanfall 2 will land October 28th worldwide on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, seeing the series’ first foray into single player campaign territory. The campaign will see players begin as a militia rifleman with aspirations of rising up the ranks to Elite Pilot. To sign up for the technical test beginning this weekend, visit the Titanfall 2 Official Site.