Get chills from the latest Resident Evil 7 trailer


Resident Evil has come a long way since helping create the survival-horror genre back in ’96. For a while it had seemed that the franchise had lost its focus after the past decade of games under the series banner have been straight action games with enemies that are zombies. However, now it seems that Resident Evil is a series that is returning to form by putting a much more intense focus on horror for the new title Resident Evil 7 biohazard.


In this brand new trailer coming out of Gamescom, we see some gameplay featuring an unidentified female protagonist trying to escape from a new antagonist to the series, Marguerite Baker. This short clip has been compared to many other big hitting titles that have used first person horror, such as P.T., Amnesia, and Outlast. While these games were legitimately terrifying and are the most recent trend in interactive horror, they feel like a massive departure from the core of Resident Evil.


Personally, I am welcoming these new changes to this series that desperately needs a shot in the arm after recent stinkers like Umbrella Corps. and Resident Evil 6. I would have liked to see how the combat that Capcom has confirmed would be implemented in the game, but I understand the purpose of the trailers they have released. Capcom is trying for a complete restructuring of this classic franchise and these gameplay trailers and the demo are putting all of their focus into making the consumer understand that this isn’t your granddaddy’s Resident Evil anymore. I think that it’s doing a fantastic job of that so far and I am waiting with baited breath to get my hands on this game this January 24th.