Watch_Dogs 2 gets an intense new multiplayer mode


The original Watch_Dogs was built as an open-world romp that put an intense focus on using your hacking skills to take down your enemies and stay connected around the world. In the spirit of this intensely connected environment the multiplayer elements were fairly well integrated. The most popular of these modes was Hacking Invasion where at the press of a button you would be tasked to find and hack another player in your area while remaining undetected.


While this mode is making its return in Watch_Dogs 2, Ubisoft is taking this seamlessly connected experience a step further with the brand new Bounty Hunter mode. Bounty hunting is tied to the in-game heat system. So when a player has a higher heat and is making their escape from the police, up to 3 other players can get alerts and join the police to chase them down.


The seamless online connections were my favorite parts of the original Watch_Dogs back when it launched, and it does this gamer’s soul good to know that Ubisoft is focusing even more to this unique experience. This specific brand of drop-in multiplayer is refreshing and completely embodies the meaning of emergent gameplay. With this new mode every police interaction can go differently and provides much more excitement instead of the tedious runaround.

Watch_Dogs 2 will release this November on the 15th on the Playstation 4, the Xbox One, and on Windows PC.