Wildstar Original Soundtrack – Volume Two available today


Videogame soundtracks hold the power to transport players back to some of their most epic and triumphant moments in life or reconnect players with a nostalgic memory of a favorite title. Sumthing Else Music Works, a studio devoted to releasing videogame soundtracks, today released the Wildstar Original Soundtrack – Volume Two to return fans to their moments of galactic glory.

Wildstar Original Soundtrack Volume Two

Volume Two features new tracks from Wildstar composer Jeff Kurtenacker alongside highlights like “For the Greater Good” and “From the Ashes” featuring opera singer Nicole Fernandes. Kurtenacker expands on these new tracks by explaining that they are “narrative depictions of the Chua, Cassians, and Aurin, and musically tell the story of each faction’s homeworld and background before arriving on Nexus.” The soundtrack captures Wildstar’s unique blend of “epic space fantasy and western frontier swagger” and delivers it to familiar fans.

Download the album at Sumthing Else’s website or learn more about Wildstar here.