World of Final Fantasy looks adorable


With two Final Fantasy titles releasing so close to each other, you know it’s going to be a great season of gaming. With Square Enix delaying Final Fantasy XV, fans can now get excited for World of Final Fantasy; just feast your eyes on how adorable the game looks.


WOFF_Screenshot_Bahamut1_25082016_1472140675 WOFF_Screenshot_Bismarck1_25082016_1472140673 WOFF_Screenshot_Dungeon_IcicleValley_25082016_1472140671 WOFF_Screenshot_Tera-and_Legends_25082016_1472140669 WOFF_Screenshot_TheSunkenTemple01_25082016_1472140668

World of Final Fantasy invites both series veterans and new comers to delve into its stunning toy-like world of mystery, magic and excellent RPG gameplay. Players will guide twins Reynn and Lann through varied Final Fantasy worlds, capturing and rearing creatures along the way. While adventuring through these lands players will meet with some classic characters from previous series including; Boko, Terra, Bartz and Gilgamesh.

World of Final Fantasy will launch exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on the 25th October. Fancy pushing the boat out? Then check out the collector edition, only available through the online Square Enix store.