Walking Dead season 3 set for November release


Clementine is officially making her return this fall along with AJ and *fingers crossed* hopefully Kenny. No doubt about it though, this season will be filled with new characters and obstacles for us to overcome as both Clementine and Javier. Speaking of which, we have a bit more info regarding Javier including the fact that he has a family. He’s introduced into the story while struggling to keep his family alive where he will meet Clementine also fighting her own battles to keep her and AJ safe. We know by now that Clementine is the definition of badass and will keep on keepin’ on no matter what.


Besides that, we haven’t got a clue about what else happens in Telltale’s Walking Dead season 3. The official name right now is “The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series- A New Frontier” and man is that a mouthful. How’s TWDTTSANF for an acronym, huh? Could this title be symbolic of a new chapter for Telltale’s games in general or is it more geared for The Walking Dead only? Only time will tell, but my one word of parting advice is it has to be better than Telltale’s Batman series. Check out my review/rant of Telltale’s Batman here.


Telltale’s Walking Dead season 3 will be available on all consoles, PC, and mobile in November. In addition, console owners can purchase the season pass disc if they want a physical copy of the game instead. In true Telltale fashion, an episode will be released every 1-1/2-2 months or so for a total of five episodes in season 3. Can this game redeem Telltale from the extremely hyped up and then slight disappointment of its Batman series that premiered in August? I’m going to go with a resounding YES, not only because I’m a mega Walking Dead nerd, but because this series is emotionally gripping.

Not everyone gets teary eyed while playing a game or watching a movie (like me) except on very rare occasions. Season 1 of TWD made us forge an attachment between the heartwarming bond of Clementine and Lee that even penetrated the coldest of hearts. Then to give us such a hard choice in episode 5 with no happy ending devastated many fans. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry when the credits rolled. This pattern continued in season 2 with a depressing start of Omid’s death and Christa’s miscarriage. A combination of pulling at our heart strings, gorgeous graphics, and impossible choices keep us coming back for more and Telltale knows that very well.

So, folks prepare the tissues and charge up your controllers because season 3 is in our sights! Starting November, season 3 of The Walking Dead will be returning and available on all platforms. In the meantime, check my other post on Walking Dead.