King’s Quest – Chapter 4: Snow Place Like Home upcoming release


The fourth episode of King’s Quest – that is, developer The Odd Gentlemen‘s remake of Sierra‘s classic adventure title – will be available alongside the series’ preceding chapters beginning September 27th.

Chapter 4: Snow Place Like Home explores the relationship between King Graham and his long-lost son Alexander. The chapter begins on the night of infant Alexander’s abduction and picks up when Alexander mysteriously reappears 18 years later. Now King Graham and his long-lost son journey through the Ice Palace solving both puzzles in the Palace and mysteries in their past.

King's Quest - Chapter 4: Snow Place Like Home

Matt Korba, President and Creative Director of The Odd Gentlemen, also revealed that the King’s Quest remake will conclude before the end of this year. “Today we are incredibly excited to announce that players will be able to experience the last two chapters and bonus epilogue of King Graham’s journey before the holidays,” Korba explained.

Players have plenty of options as to how to get a hold of King’s Quest. The series is available in the Playstation Store, Xbox Games Store, and SteamKing’s Quest: The Complete Edition includes all five chapters plus the bonus playable story epilogue, and the King’s Quest Season Pass is available as a digital bundle containing chapters two through five. Of course, each chapter is available for purchase on its own.

For more information on the series or to keep up with coming chapters, follow along at the game’s official webpage.