Rocket League heads underwater in upcoming DLC


For what must be the millionth time this year, I find myself writing about Rocket League. And to be honest, that’s fine by me: it’s earned its place in my heart faster than any other game thus far, and is currently boosting its way to stardom with a premise that just keeps getting better. Last time I wrote, this was due to Rumble, the whacky game-mode that introduced crazy power-ups and even more reason to be addicted to the game; this time, it’s a brand new arena, that takes Rocket League far from dry land.

Check out the trailer:

The new arena, Aquadome, is quite obviously set beneath the ocean, which as much as anything else is absolutely awesome; what makes it even awesomer is that as per usual, this update comes free of charge. Aquadome is the first standard arena since the Utopia Coliseum last year, which is great news for those of you who – like me – found the slightly odd new arena formats of Wasteland or Neo Tokyo to be a royal pain in the ass.

Maybe it IS better down where it's wetter.

Maybe it IS better down where it’s wetter.

Proteus and Triton are the two new vehicles coming to this update, and although they aren’t quite as free as the arena, they are at least half as cool. Both cars will come with their own unique set of decals and rims, provided this update follows the usual format, and heck, there’s even a chance that we’ll see some new nautically-themed cosmetic items. I’ve got my eye on Triton, because who wants two little claws on the front of their car? Ugh.



That’s about it from me, and although the notice board in-game uses the phrase “look out for all of this and more,” I’m not expecting the masses of extra content offered by the previous update to be matched this time around. That said, everyone loves a bit of free DLC, am I wrong?

G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. Yeah, I can spell.

G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. Yeah, I can spell.

Rocket League: Aquadome is coming this October to console and PC. DLC vehicles priced at USD $1.99 each.