Sundered will build on predecessor’s strengths next year


Thunder Lotus Games received recognition recently for their work on their debut title, Jotun. Today, the developer announced Sundered, a horror-adventure title that promises to refine the popular features of Jotun in a way that offers fans of the title a fresh experience.


Players take on the role of Eshe, who travels through procedurally generated tunnels where corrupted relics offer Eshe new power but at a cost to personal humanity. The gameplay of Sundered rests on an emphasis on replayability, and the title’s multiple endings will support the additional playtime.

Sundered will bring together the best elements of Jotun while at the same time centering around a metroidvania-style game. “Sundered is a game that builds on the strengths of Jotun : hand-drawn art, epic boss battles and great immersion,” explained Will Dubé, Creative Director and President of Thunder Lotus Games. “With Sundered, we’ve added more complex mechanics, tons of replayability and meaningful choices.” For more on what makes Jotun so great, check out our review for the Valhalla Version for Playstation 4 here.

Sundered will be available for Playstation 4, Windows, Mac, and Linux next year. Follow along with the game’s development at the official website.