Steep gets a new trailer with a GoPro collaboration


You ready to shred some fresh powder, brah? Ubisoft and GoPro have collaborated for a wicked gnarly trailer for the snowboarding/skiing/wingsuiting/parachuting/miscellaneous extreme sports game, Steep. Now you just have to ask yourself, do you have those crunchy rad skills, brah? Are you a bad enough dude?

I’m sure by this point in time we’ve all seen a video on Facebook or YouTube where someone straps a GoPro camera to their head and does a bunch of cool backflips or something awesome of that nature; they’re really all over the place. From what we can see in the new trailer here, Steep is going for that aesthetic. Steep straps you into the snowboard boots of that person doing all the cool backflips with the camera on their head.

Steep is really going for something special. You have a full open world in the form of the alpine mountain range and you’re free to rip and tear your way through the slopes however you see fit. You can pull out your GoPro drone to survey the area and find new slopes for you and your extreme buddies to dominate.


The drop-in multiplayer is really a key factor in what makes Steep look so interesting. Steep is a game designed with shared experience in mind. At this point, the core gameplay loop seems like it revolves around trying to one up your friends tricks and with the easy sharing capabilities of current consoles, it’ll be easy to show off all of the awesome stuff you are able to do.

Steep releases on December 2nd for the Playstation 4, the Xbox One, and Windows PC.