The Journey boasts over 124 million matches in FIFA 17


FIFA 17 released back in September featuring a mode called The Journey in which fans play out the career of Alex Hunter both on and off the pitch. Publisher EA announced today the impressive statistics drawn in by this new campaign.

Between September 24 and October 24, fans played more than 178,000 matches per hour which adds up to 124 million matches and more than 164 million goals scored by Hunter alone. For one month’s time, that all adds up to quite the impressive stats by any coach’s measure. In fact, The Journey brought in 20% more player activity for FIFA 17 in the title’s first week than FIFA 16 hosted within that same time frame.

FIFA 17 - The Journey

In the campaign, Hunter’s performance in matches and player decisions made off the pitch come together to influence Hunter’s overall career path, including which team he signs up for. The Journey is currently available in English with foreign subtitles, but an update coming in the fall will bring French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Mexican Spanish options.

FIFA 17 - The Journey

FIFA 17 is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. For more information on The Journey and other gameplay features, head to the game’s official website.