Seraph, the skill-based shooter, makes its PS4 debut


This past Tuesday Dreadbit’s skill-based, acrobatic side-scroller Seraph went up on sale for the PlayStation 4. About a month ago Seraph had launched on Steam under the banner of their Early Access program and was met with very high praise.


Seraph features a deadly angel who has mastered the art of duel wielding pistols in order to kill with skill as she fights her way through hordes of demons. Seraph uses dynamic difficulty scaling to be sure to deliver a steady challenge throughout.

Early last month, one of our writers here at That VideoGame Blog got their hands on the Steam Early Access version of the game and in their preview you can read about all of the in’s and out’s of the title. That excellent preview can be read right here.

Seraph gif

Personally, I think that Seraph looks fantastic. The theme of slaying demons in stylish ways calls to mind the trippy Devil May Cry series and the pistol focused combat reminds me a lot of the pistol-based martial art called Gun Kata from the criminally under-rated film Equilibrium. If Seraph is even half as amazing as the combination of those two things is in my mind, then I feel like this game will be one of my favorites of 2016.


But seriously. Gun Kata.

Seraph is currently on sale on PSN here.

Also the Steam version can be found here.