Digimon Heroes! receives Infinity Tower update


Few other structures than a looming tower warn of epic battles to come. The Infinity Tower update for Digimon Heroes!, announced today by BANDAI NAMCO, takes advantage of this videogame fact with a new gameplay mode set in the title’s very own Infinity Tower.

With the update’s launch today, Digimon Heroes! players have the option of a player-vs-environment gameplay mode that challenges players to try their luck as they climb ever higher in the Infinity Tower. Along the way, players face waves of random enemies that increase in difficulty the higher the player climbs. Every four battles, players unlock a checkpoint and an associated special reward. Global Leaderboards keep track of the players who make it the farthest up the Infinity Tower.

Digimon Heroes! Infinity Tower Update

Fans of the Digimon franchise or other free-to-play card battling games should check out Digimon Heroes! in the App Store or Google Play.