New J!NX brand and J!NX pro clothing lines announced


J!INX, provider of many lovely video game-themed items of clothing for your gamer body, has just announced their own brand of casual and pro gaming attire.

The J!NX Brand will comprise of a collection of core clothing items inspired by the upbeat and relaxed nature of gaming. This range will feature comfortable fits and soft fabrics.

The J!NX Pro brand will cater specifically to professional gamers and esports enthusiasts. This line will combine high-performance fits and fabrics, including moisture-wicking materials, with special attention given to form and feel to convey a dedicated look of professionalism sought by competitive gaming teams. These fits, styles and materials are set to be on par with those worn by mainstream sports players.


Both J!NX Pro and J!NX Brand build upon J!NX’s reputation as a leading designer and provider of high-quality gaming lifestyle goods online and at retail. Their lengthy experience in the industry has allowed them to pay tribute to not just one particular videogame license, but gaming culture as a whole.

The first official J!NX Brand and J!NX Pro offerings of t-shirts, jerseys, joggers, hoodies and hats are now available online at, with plans to expand to brick-and-mortar retail by Fall 2017.


As a personal note, I’ve bought a variety of items from J!NX in the past and can vouch for their quality, at least insofar as their licensed videogame goods are concerned. It looks as though J!NX Brand and J!NX Pro are set to follow the same theme of high quality gaming gear.

J!NX Brand announcement video

J!NX Pro announcement video