REVIEW / Penclic Mini Wireless Keyboard K2


UPDATE: Penclic sent over a new unit to test/review. I’ve updated the review to reflect that there was indeed a technical error with the previous review unit and the new score should reflect this amendment.

You probably won’t guess this, but I typed this review on the Mini Wireless Keyboard K2 from Penclic. Or maybe you did because you are extremely intuitive because that’s what keyboards are used for!

Penclic is a Swedish company who specializes in sleek, ergonomic tech accessories. Their focus is very apparent when I opened up the box for the Mini Wireless Keyboard K2 – sleek, subtle, and extremely compact. The K2 comes with a pair of rechargeable batteries, retractable USB charging cord, and Bluetooth USB dongle. I moved my regular corded keyboard out of the way and set the K2 in its place. Apart from immediately noticing the dust that had collected under my other keyboard, the amount of space instantly cleared from my desk was eye opening. Definitely a space saver if you are cramped for space and extremely handy for picking up and traveling. The K2 is also light and low profile, so slipping into a bag to take with you should never be an issue. I took it with me recently on business trip and everything was extremely easy to pack and took up little space (Penclic does offer a travel kit that may make this even easier to manage).


Did I mention that there is an “Alt Grr” key? Because there is. And it acts just like a normal “Alt” key. Just wanted to float that out there.

With the pros there are bound to be some cons. My biggest con from using the keyboard was that the keys sometimes didn’t register when struck. The U key in particular gave me a lot of issues (and still did throughout this review). Maybe it’s the manner in which I type that’s causing this to occur, yet still very frustrating. I reached out to the folks at Penclic and they assured me that this was an artifact of the keyboard I was sent. UPDATE: Penclic sent us over a new unit and it was an issue with the U key on this particular keyboard. The new unit works great in this capacity.

Also, me being a wires kind of guy, I am particularly not used to a wireless keyboard. I personally have issues remembering to turn the darn thing off to save battery. Thankfully it’s rechargeable!


penclic k2 keyboard 2

This being a videogame blog, I would be remiss not to have tested it out in this aspect. I’m happy to report that it will serve while playing some of your favorite games, but it probably won’t replace your the keyboard you have already. Especially those of you with mechanical keyboards. Now if you were “on the go” gaming with a laptop, I could see the K2 working much better than mashing keys on your laptop. Also, this works well on my PlayStation 4 and was recognized immediately once I plugged in the USB receiver. My guess is that this also works on Xbox One, making the additional wireless console support a bonus perk.

Plug and play away on any device, small and compact to tuck away for another day. All in all, the K2 works well for a mini wireless keyboard. If you are looking for a compact ergonomic keyboard with good wireless capability, look no further than the K2.


Review based on a product provided by Penclic.



+ Compact, light, easy to travel
+ Packaged with rechargeable battery and retractable USB charging cord
+ Alt Grr key

– U key not responsive unless hit square in the center
– Easy to forget to turn off the keyboard after use
– Alt Grr key