The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Trailer Revealed


Telltale Games treated fans across the world at The Game Awards 2016 to an extended premiere video of their new The Walking Dead series due to begin December 20th.

Boasting a heart spinning emotional opening, and an applauded reveal of Clementine, the trailer gives players further insight into the new protagonist, Javier. When his family is left in ruins in the wake of zombie domination, Javier travels further afield in hopes of survival. Skip forward a few years, and he meets a young girl who has seen similar trauma at the undead hands of the enemy, and you can guess who it is.


A New Frontier looks set to explore the Walking Dead universe from more angles than we’ve previously seen – incorporating new characters experiencing the same timeline as the gang we’ve been leading for previous titles. Ultimately the clashing of these two worlds comes in the form of Javier and Clementine’s introductions, which developers hope will serve both newcomers to the series and veterans who have grown up with the young survivor. In further efforts to include newbies to the series, developers have given players the option to start the new season afresh with a new save file based only on this story, or to configure their own past decisions and import a save file from previous games.


With the trailer also showing off Telltale’s improvements to its graphics engine, characters look sharper and their movements more continuous, however there are still some stocky aspects of the design that come with the art style itself.

Telltale weren’t finished with their bag of goodies at The Game Awards however, announcing that the first episode that Clem-fans had been long awaiting will actually be two full episodes. The special two-part premiere will see the first and second instalments available on the same day, across all current-gen platforms. PS3 and Xbox 360 players will still be able to get in on the action, but their release dates are yet to be detailed.


That all important Season Pass is set to hit retail on February 14th, but pre-orders are now open through Telltale’s Official Site. Survivors who get in there early on PS4 digitally will be treated to a free copy of Season 2 as well as Michonne’s mini-series, and Steam users will receive a 10% discount.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier episodes one and two will release worldwide on December 20th.