Persona 5 digital pre-orders, bonuses, new trailers and more


Persona 5 is still an agonising four months away from its European and North American release date, but a deluge of announcements and new information from Atlus is sure to temporarily satisfy eager fans.

Atlus has announced that pre-orders for Persona 5 are now available after the announcement of physical pre-orders and limited editions months earlier. Digital pre-orders include the in-game “Izanagi & Izanagi Picaro Set” Persona DLC. Izanagi, the Persona 4 main character’s starting Persona, will be dressed up to match the stylish members of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.


North American digital pre-orders also come with a dynamic Protagonist theme – as far as I could tell when I made my pre-order this morning, the European PSN does not make the same offer. At the very least, European Persona 5 fans can enjoy a very snazzy Izanagi in-game.


Atlus have also released a new story trailer which shows off more of the gameplay, cutscenes and general themes of the game.

In terms of physical copies, the day one Steelbook Launch Edition (Playstation 4 only) is still available in limited supply from game stores across Europe, Oceania and North America. There may also be one or two of the exquisite Take Your Heart editions floating around, but I wouldn’t put money on anyone’s chances of picking that up at this late stage.



In other Persona 5 news, several additional trailers have been released, giving more details about the various Confidants – mostly shopkeepers and other professionals – who give aid to the Phantom Thieves.

Munehisa Iwai is the proprietor of Tokyo’s finest airsoft gun shop called Untouchable. Obviously no Phantom Thief is complete without a weapon, and so the group call on Munehisa for assistance. By helping him they unlock a selection of new wares and even customisation options.

Tae Takemi works in a medical clinic in a shady alley. When you’re receiving injuries that no high schooler should be concerned with, it’s important to have a secret means with which to heal and conceal your secret identity. By helping Tae with her “experiments”, the Thieves unlock stronger health potions and consumables that can assist in battle.

Finally, Sojiro Sakura is the adult who takes in the protagonist when he arrives in Tokyo. He runs Cafe Leblanc and if the protagonist chooses to help him run the cafe, Sojiro will teach him various coffee and curry recipes which can be consumed during dungeon crawls for sweet, sweet SP. You may also be taught a little bit about coffee!

Persona 5  will be released in Europe and the Americas on April 4th 2017 for Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. Pre-orders for digital and physical copies are available now.