Guilty Gear Xrd-Revelator coming to Steam


Mark your calendars Steam gamers, Guilty Gear Xrd-Revelator is coming Steam. Guilty Gear makes its return to Steam December 14th in two versions:

  • The first is a standard edition for $49.99 USD, that will feature a 10% launch discount.
  • The second will be the One Dawn Bundle which includes all of the DLC and the Guilty Gear Sound Live 2014 Archives (which consists of 11 tracks plus 3 vocal tracks new in Revelator as well as Dizzy’s Maine Theme song “One Dawn”) for $64.99 USD.

Six new characters join the fray in this bone crunching entry; Johnny, Jack-O, Jam Kuraoberi, and console exclusive DLC; Kum Haehyun, Raven, and Dizzy.


Players who purchase the game from December 15th to January 14th of 2017 will receive the digital music album as and added bonus.

For more information, click here. Look for Guilty Gear Xrd-Revelator on Steam December 14th!