Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is rolling out a free trial weekend

‘Tis the season for free trials, fa la la la la.


At the start of the month we saw Titanfall 2 offer a free trial weekend, and a few weeks before that we got a free taste of the ultra tactical Rainbow Six Siege. Now it looks like Infinity Ward is getting a taste of that holiday spirit by offering players a free trial of the newest Call of Duty.

Unlike the Titanfall 2 trial, the Infinite Warfare trial will allow players to try all 3 game modes; the campaign, multiplayer, and zombies. Of course, those game modes will have restrictions. The free campaign will only offer the first 2 levels, the multiplayer caps out at level 15, and the zombies has a level cap of 3.


However, much like the Titanfall 2 trial, the progress you make in the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare free trial will carry over if you happen to purchase the game later on.

The free trial is taking place on the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One platforms. The trial is set to start December 15th at 10am PT and end on December 20th at the same time.

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