SMITE World Championship 2017 day one recap


The first day of the 2017 SMITE World Championship, otherwise known as the Hi-Rez Expo, has come to a close! Below you’ll find the results of the Placement and Knock-Out rounds that took place today, as well as two trailers showcasing the newly redesigned Clash Map!

The Celtic Pantheon and its first Celtic goddess, The Morrigan, were also revealed!

To learn more about her please visit the first article I frantically put together after today’s events.





(Best of One)

Match 1:

Soar Gaming vs. INTZ e-Sports

Soar defeated INTZ with a close 12-7 victory.

Match 2:

Luminosity vs. Team HAPI

Luminosity dominated HAPI with a crushing 27-3 victory.

Match 3:

Allegiance vs. LichT eSports

LichT surprised the crowd with an 18-6 victory.

Match 4:

LG Dire Wolves vs. Obey Alliance

Obey won in a near perfect game, going 27-2 against their Australian opponents.

Match 5:

Luminosity vs. Soar Gaming

Luminosity went 19-12 against Soar in what was easily the most exciting match of the day.

Match 6:

Obey Alliance vs. LichT eSports

LichT was ahead early on in this match but got diecided 15-20 minutes in. This gave Obey the momentum they needed to win, finishing the game with a score of 21-9.





(Best of One and the loser is eliminated from the championship)

Match 7:

INTZ e-Sports vs. Team HAPI

HAPI made a surprisingly strong showing after their horrible defeat earlier in the day, going 21-8, securing their spot in Day 2! This made the Brazilian team, INTZ, the first to be eliminated out of the 2017 SMITE World Championship.

Match 8:

Allegiance vs. LG Dire Wolves

Allegiance came back with a vengeance and put the final nail in the Dire Wolves’ championship coffin, dominating them in a 16-2 victory.




Make sure to visit TVGB tomorrow for the SMITE World Championship Day Two Recap and who knows what else! I wouldn’t put it past Hi-Rez to have a surprise in their pocket.

Happy Gaming!