SMITE World Championship 2017 day two recap


Day two of the 2017 SMITE  World Championship concluded earlier this afternoon. While many of the matches were very close, each team that tasted victory today went 2-0 against their opponents. The results can be seen below.

I also included a couple new trailers revealed here at the HRX pertaining to Hi-Rez Studio’s newest games, SMITE Rivals and SMITE Tactics.

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(Best of Three)

Match 1:

Team Eager vs. Team HAPI

Eager made short work of HAPI in the first matches of the day. While HAPI started off strong in both games, it sadly wasn’t strong enough. Eager went 2-0 and eliminated the Chinese team from the tournament.

Match 2:

Soar Gaming vs. Obey Alliance

The dark horse of this year’s championship, Obey, made surprisingly short work of Soar Gaming. Obey was able to outplay the experienced team in both matches, going 2-0 and securing their spot in the Semi-Finals.

Match 3:

Allegiance vs. NRG eSports

In what were easily the most exciting matches of the day, Allegiance faced off against the winners of last year’s SMITE  World Championship, NRG eSports. While Allegiance played their heart out and gave NRG an amazing run for their money, NRG came out ahead in both games.

Match 4:

Luminosity vs. LichT eSports

Despite Luminosity Captain and star player, BaRRaCCuDDa, tweeting earlier that he’s numb all over and can’t walk straight, his team had no trouble defeating their Latin American opponents, LichT, in a 2-0 sweep.





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Happy Gaming!