Meet the delightful Ransome the Clown in the newest ‘Thimbleweed Park’ trailer


If the dead body under the bridge is the least of your worries, you won’t bat an eyelid at the bad language of Thimbleweed Park. A new trailer has just been launched by developers Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick which introduces us to the delights of Ransome the Clown.

This enraged entertainer has seen his successful clown career dwindle after being on the wrong end of a curse and is now seeking his plans for a come back show. Ransome is just one of the five playable characters Thimbleweed Park presents. We’ve already met Agent Ray and Delores, and judging by their expositions, and the bizarre storylines things are only going to get weirder.


Set in a town run by an AI (and vacuum tube) obsessed rich kid, this murder mystery graphic adventure is set to “out-strange” any play environment you’ve found yourself in recently. Trust no-one and watch your step around town as you battle through the technicolor haze of eccentricity that this title promises for Mac, PC, Xbox One, and Linux in the coming months.