Welcome to the neon jungle – Yakuza 0 now available!


Haven’t decided whether you want the game yet? Well, SEGA has released a brand new launch day trailer showcasing the serious, brawling, and er…singing (?) action in the streets of 1988 fictional Kamurocho and Sotenbori!

Yakuza 0 inline

Serious crime drama.

Yakuza 0, like its predecessors, is a serious crime drama punctuated with …strange encounters. Do everything from teaching an S&M dominatrix how to do her job to winning a live chicken in a bowling contest…that you then put in charge of managing your real estate investments. SEGA promises that Yakuza 0 is a great starting point for newcomers to the series, which is great because this will be the first Yakuza game that I personally pick up!

In the fictional red-light districts in Osaka where Yakuza 0 is set, young criminals are making money in any way they can. Players will help shape the foundations of the legendary series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu and the nefarious Goro Majima. Yakuza 0 tells the origin stories of Kazuma and Goro as they hustle, flirt and dance (yes, dance) their way through the seedy underbelly of Japan. Kazuma’s story follows his steady ascension up the ranks of the Dojima yakuza crime family until he is blamed for a debt collection gone wrong. He must save his honour and save his father’s reputation. Meanwhile Goro runs a popular cabaret but longs to rejoin the yakuza clan that ousted him. He will need to complete a series of impossible tasks set by his bosses – but will they push him past the point of no return?

Yakuza 0 is now available in retail stores and digitally for $59.99 on the PlayStation®4.