LINELIGHT – A minimalist puzzle game launching January 31st


There have been a decent number of indie games in the last couple of years that coupled minimalist graphics with tranquil soundtracks to create relaxing puzzlers that are focused more on brainpower and less on speed or intensity. Thomas Was Alone and Monument Valley specifically have found critical acclaim and financial success.

At the end of this month, indie studio My Dog Zorro will release Linelight, a game that aims to “distill the puzzle genre down to its very foundation”.

Linelight seems set to take its place among hit indie titles, having already won Gameacon 2016’s Game of the Year, and been featured as an Official Selection PAX East’s Indie Minibooth and IndieCade @ E3, among others.

The white line that the player controls is called “Dash”, and gameplay is fairly straightforward; move through the lines and use the color-coded switches and corresponding “bridges” to solve the puzzles. The developer boasts over 250 unique puzzles in 6 distinct worlds, and that the Zen-like music will induce a “state of flow” in the player. Brett Taylor, the developer behind My Dog Zorro, write extensively about emotional health on the Linelight Dev Blog, so it could be that this game is a way to encourage a calmer state of mind in its players.


Linelight will be available on Steam and PS4 starting January 31, with a special launch sale discount through February 7. Playstation Plus subscribers will receive an additional 10% off during launch sale period. Find out more about Linelight at the My Dog Zorro website or on the game’s official Twitter page.